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Cinema Purgatorio #4, P1,p2 – art by Kevin O’Neill

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Alexx Kay is a professional game designer. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a lifelong reader, a storyteller since 1981, and a pseudo-historian since 1992. Alexx is a contributor to Alan Moore H.P. Lovecraft annotations at Facts in the Case of Alan Moore’s Providence. as well as annotating Moore’s novels Voice of the Fire and Jerusalem.

Follow Alexx on Livejournal and support him via Patreon.

Joe Linton is a writer, activist, and artist. He lives in Los Angeles, California, with his wife and daughter. He is the author of the book Down by the Los Angeles River. His writing can be found at Streetsblog L.A., L.A. Creek Freak, and The Periodic Fable which includes his writing on comics. Linton has fun annotating various Alan Moore works, including: Crossed +100God Is Dead, In Pictopia!Lost Girls, Providence, Splash Brannigan, Unearthing, and more.

Follow Joe on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or email him at linton.joe [at] gmail.com.


Ross Byrne is a writer and artist living in South Dublin, Ireland. He contributed to annotations for Moore comics, including The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Providence. Follow Ross on Twitter or email at rossbyrne [at] campus.ie

Ryan Carey is a freelance movie and comic critic in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His work can be found at Daily Grindhouse, Graphic Policy, Sequart, The Unspoken Decade, Through the Shattered Lens, or Trash Film Guru. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

Robert Derie is the author of Sex and the Cthulu Mythos and The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard – Index and AddendaDerie co-authors Facts in the Case of Alan Moore’s Providence. Follow Bobby on Twitter.

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