Modded CP14

Cinema Purgatorio #14 Modded cover by Nahuel Lopez

Annotations for “Untitled (Under Blue Skies)” in Cinema Purgatorio #14

Writer: Kieron Gillen, Artist: Nahuel Lopez

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Note: Some of this is obvious, but you never know who’s reading and what their exposure is. If there’s anything we missed or got wrong, let us know in comments.

General: Fringe races Tommy Zero and wins, winning Fluffbumble. In the aftermath Bloody Susan takes Fluffbumble away from Fringe.

Kieron Gillen writes in his email newsletter:

Issue 14 of Cinema Purgatorio appears on the shelves, where in Modded, I somehow turn a critique of early-00s Sega comedy-agitprop organ UK Resistance’s take on Outrun into an action comic. I totally get paid to do this.

Outrun was car racing game franchise published by Sega, starting in 1986. UK:Resistance was a UK-based videogame website focusing on Sega. They were big fans of Outrun.


  • On the side of the car is the Avatar press logo, the Modded logo, the living text (see issue xxx), and the issue number 14.
  • Mister Boom’s tongue is hanging out the way a dog’s tongue hangs out when a dog rides in a car.

Page 1

panel 2

  • In 2005, UK:Resistance laumched a “Blue Skies in Games” campaign, agitating for more fun and less ultra-violence.

panel 3

  • “Fancy is missing the point. This is all about purity.” Outrun was noted for being a “pure” racing game, with little of the fancy additions that some other franchises added. This story does mix in features from other games, but attempts to retain the feel of pure joy.

Page 2

panel 1

  • Square (or, later, cubical) constructions of brick hanging inexplicably in the sky are a long-time feature of the Super Mario Bros. franchise. More on this below.

Page 3

panel 2

  • Race tracks featuring vertical loops like this are a standard feature in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

panels 3-6

  • In the Super Mario Bros. games, players can jump and smash their heads into the bricks floating overhead, breaking them. Some of the bricks contain rewards of various sorts. One of the most potent such rewards in the original game (and many of the sequels) is a mushroom which, if consumed, causes the consuming character to become a “super” version of themselves, growing larger and gaining other powers.

panel 5

  • The dialogue here references an anti-drug campaign in the 1990s which pressured video game manufacturers to add messages to their games reading: “Winners Don’t Use Drugs“. Using a mushroom to gain (arguably psychedlic) powers does seem to go against that message!

panel 6

Page 4

panel 5

  • Among this audience of mostly kid-friendly characters, one near the lower right has the head of a penis. He sits between two sentient mushrooms, each looking at him dubiously.

Page 5 – no specific annotatations

Page 6

panels 1-5

Pages 7-8 – no specific annotations

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