Cinema Purgatorio 14 Index

Cinema Purgatorio #14 regular cover, art by Kevin O’Neill

Cinema Purgatorio #14, 48 pages, cover date April 2018, released 16 May 2018 (and, for what it’s worth, released digitally by Monday 14 May)

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3 thoughts on “Cinema Purgatorio 14 Index

  1. Page 1: Panel 2
    “You only do them when focusing on your surroundings is even more unbearable, like in waiting rooms or police stations.”

    Could this reference to “waiting rooms” and “police stations” be hinting at an experience that our narrator had due to whatever happened to Geraldine? Possibly at the hands of our narrator?

    Pure speculation here of course.

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  2. Of course by the end of this issue’s story, she’s remembering how much she likes crosswords… Stuff is being done to her mind. I think the Cinema doesn’t even exist as a metaphysical thing, it’s just something her mind is presenting to her, as she goes through something. Whether she’s dying, or in a nuthouse somewhere, who knows?

    4 issues left! If we don’t get a conclusive answer, from what Alan is claiming what will be his last work (alongside League), I’m gonna be round chucking bricks through his window with “HALO JONES BOOK 4” written on them.


    1. yah – I do wonder how (or if?) this will tie up… will there be a movie-in-a-comic in every issue up to and including the last? My Alan Moore predictions have been routinely wrong… but I am going to guess that the last issue (or two?) will break the format… just because it seems like it would be too difficult to tie up things in 2 framing pages per issue.


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