A More Perfect Union CP06

Cinema Purgatorio #6, A More Perfect Union cover by Michael DiPascale
Cinema Purgatorio #6, A More Perfect Union cover by Michael DiPascale

Below are annotations for “Untitled (Procurement Corps Coming Through)” 8 pages (plus page of “In the Real War” notes) in Cinema Purgatorio #6.

Writer: Max Brooks, Artist: Michael DiPascale

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Note: Some of this is obvious, but you never know who’s reading and what their exposure is. If there’s anything we missed or got wrong, let us know in comments.

General: TBA

Cover – no specific annotations

Page 1

panel 2

  • This is apparently the hand of William Jacob Holland, introduced on P5 below.

panel 3

  • First appearance of Henry Ulke, as Brooks notes, a portrait painter and amateur scientist.

panel 4

  • Mounted on the horse on the left is is George Edward Pickett (1825-1875), an actual Confederate Army officer. Pickett first appeared in CP#3 P1,p4.

Page 2

panel 2

panel 2

  • Mentioned by Brooks, the “Smithsonian [Institution]” is an American group of museums and research centers, established in 1846.
  • The “Megatherium Club” was a group of scientists associated with the early Smithsonian.

Page 3

panel 3

panel 4

  • Pickett graduated last in his class at West Point, the U.S. Military Academy.

Page 4 – no specific annotations

Page 5

panel 2

  • This panel introduces William Jacob Holland who, as Brooks notes, later became a paleontologist, zoologist, and author.

panel 4

  • “Post petiol plate” sounds scientific, but does not yield any results on a google search. (It may be related to the botanical term “petiole” – the stalk that attaches a leaf to a stem.)

Page 6

panel 6

  • “Danke” is German for “thank you” reflecting Ulke’s upbringing in Germany.

Page 7

panel 2

  • “Merci Monsieur DuFour” as Brooks notes, refers to French naturalist Léon Jean Marie Dufour who discovered a gland that some insects use to communicate.

panel 3

  • “Sioux scent” was mentioned earlier in xxxx.

Page 8 – no specific annotations

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