The Vast CP09

Cinema Purgatorio #8, The Vast cover, art by Gabriel Andrade
Cinema Purgatorio #9, The Vast cover, art by Gabriel Andrade

Below are annotations for “Untitled (We don’t know what’s in there)” 6 pages in Cinema Purgatorio #9

Writer: Christos Gage, Artist: Gabriel Andrade

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Note: Some of this is obvious, but you never know who’s reading and what their exposure is. If there’s anything we missed or got wrong, let us know in comments.

General: Janna finds her husband Caleb dead. She goes to shoot the baby monster, but backs down.

Cover – no specific annotations.

Page 1

panel 1

  • Left to right are:  Stan PonsJanna Pleshette, and Keith Dyson.
  • “Caleb” is Pleshette’s lover (fiance?), featured in CP#2.

panel 2

  • “Evacced” is short for evacuated.

panel 4

Page 2

panel 1

  • Looks like the last appearance of Pleshette’s fiance Caleb.

Page 3

panel 1

  • The rightmost human is Chu.

Page 4 – no specific annotations

Page 5

panels 1-3

  • In CP#2 P4,p1 it was stated that Pleshette had “studied animal husbandry” and “grew up on a farm” so it appears that her prior experiences kicked in to let her nurture the baby kaiju.

Page 6

panel 1

  • The black square in the background reiterates Pleshette’s statement that she’s “squared away.”

panel 5

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