Cinema Purgatorio 3 Did Not Arrive Today – Due July 6

Cinema Purgatorio #3, regular cover, art by Kevin O’Neill

Cinema Purgatorio #3.

Alan Moore says it is “really really good.”

The Avatar Press website says it is “the biggest names in comics delivering tales that will grab you by the gut and tie you in knots.” Avatar also says it is due in comic shops today: Wednesday June 29.

My nearly three-year-old daughter and I bicycled over to our nearest Local Comics Store – The Secret Headquarters – and my hopes were dashed. No new Purgatorio. My secondary LCSs – Golden Apple and Meltdown – did not have copies either. They all assured me that it is due out next week: Wednesday July 6.

We settled for Black Panther #3 and Spongebob Comics #57 this week.

(Digital Purgatorio did arrive this week – see review at My  Little Underground)

Alan Moore Praises Cinema Purgatorio 3

Alan Moore, from an interview at the The Odditorium Tent at the Brighton Festival earlier this year (starting at about 21:30):

I’ll be finishing off Cinema Purgatorio, incidentally which is great – the fun that Kevin and I are having with that. We don’t really settle in until issue three. The first two are OK, but the third one that’s really really good. They kind of get better.

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Purgatorio 2 Annotations Up – Help Wanted!

Panel from Moore and O'Neill's Cinema Purgatorio story in issue 2. Art by Kevin O'Neill
Panel from Moore and O’Neill’s Cinema Purgatorio story in issue 2. Art by Kevin O’Neill

We’ve got basic annotations up for all the stories in Cinema Purgatorio #2. Find all the annotations via our Annotations Index page. Some of them are a little sparse, so please add comments for stuff that we’ve missed.

We’re looking for a few folks to help out with these annotations. Specifically someone who knowledgeable about the Civil War to help with A More Perfect Union and someone who knows about gaming to help with Modded. We’ve got basic stuff up for Union and Modded, but it feels like there is a lot more going on that we are not quite hip to. If you are interested in contributing, please email linton.joe [at]