Avatar Press Moore/O’Neill Cinema Purgatorio Collection Now Available to Order

Two years after the April 2019 cover date of the last regular issue of Cinema Purgatorio, Avatar Press today announced that their trade paperback collection of the Moore/O’Neill Purgatorio stories is available.

Cinema Purgatorio collection cover – art by Kevin O’Neill

The collection is titled “This is Sinerama” – a play on the 1952 film This Is Cinerama.

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Gosh Comics Offering Bookplate Edition Of Cinema Purgatorio

Cinema Purgatorio Gosh Comics exclusive bookplate – art by Kevin O’Neill

Gosh Comics, of London, is now selling a limited bookplate edition for Cinema Purgatorio. It features a Gosh-exclusive plate signed by Kevin O’Neill, limited to an edition of 200. 

Order yours while supplies last – via the Gosh Comics website.

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Cinema Purgatorio Collection Available as Add-On at Providence Kickstarter

Providence trade paperback available now at Kickstarter

The trade paperback edition of Cinema Purgatorio is now available via an Avatar Press Providence Compendium Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter backer levels range from $20 to $699. The Purgatorio add-on costs $19.

Purgatorio is not listed on the main campaign screen, but after clicking on any of the rewards, the Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill Purgatorio collection shows in an add-on menu. Continue reading

Cinema Purgatorio Collections Coming Soon

Cinema Purgatorio collection cover (same as issue 1 cover) – via Amazon

The eighteenth and, at least for now, final issue of Cinema Purgatorio came out last May. The logical next step should be a collected edition.

For whatever reason there’s no collection available as of mid-November 2019. There are a couple of collections in the works, though.

In early October, a listing for a $19.99 Cinema Purgatorio Collection Paperback (due out April 28, 2020) appeared at Amazon. Soon thereafter Bleeding Cool ran a brief story about it, with essentially no additional information. Based on the cover art shown at Amazon, the collection appears to include just the Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s Purgatorio stories.

This month, Previews World website announced a $39.99 Cinema Purgatorio Complete Story Box Set due in comics shops next week: November 27, 2019. Continue reading

Basic Purgatorio 16 Annotations Up

Figuring out this issue – detail from Code Pru story in Cinema Purgatorio #16

We’ve published basic annotations for all the stories in Cinema Purgatorio #16. There are now only two more issues to go – so some of these plots are showing signs of nearing their conclusions. There’s a lot interesting stuff in this issue, from Superman to The Thing to Bubble Bobble to Admiral Farragut to a Kaiju named Baby. Find all the exciting pages via the annotations index page.

We hope you’re enjoying these annotations. Help us round them out by adding comments on what we missed or got wrong.