Max Brooks Talks About ‘A More Perfect Union’ at The Nerdist Podcast

For the full podcast, listen to this episode of The Nerdist
For the full podcast, listen to this episode of The Nerdist

In August 2016 Max Brooks was interviewed at The Nerdist podcast. He spoke for a bit about his Cinema Purgatorio creation A More Perfect Union, illustrated by Michael DiPascale. Listen to the whole interview if you want all the details, but here are a few things he mentioned that shed light on where Union is headed. (starting at minute 15)

We’ll start off with pop culture… Alan Moore wanted to put together an anthology of horror stories and he got together the awesomenest of the awesome-est. Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen, Christos Gage. So he got together this awesome team, and then me.

I had a story I wanted to tell, but it wasn’t what I consider to be traditionally horror. When I think horror, I think dark alleys, and AAAAH! and suspense… and mine’s not. Mine is actually a throwback to the old 1950s movie Them!, which was one of my favorite movies of all time. The one thing Them! never did was have a giant ant battle. Because they couldn’t afford it. They could afford like three animatronic ants and that was it.

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Upcoming: Purgatorio #6 This Week, My Fair Dahlia

Due out this week! Cinema Purgatorio #6, The Vast cover, art by Gabriel Andrade

Avatar Press announced that Cinema Purgatorio #6 will be out this Wednesday!

There is also a less date-certain preview announced by Alan Moore (starting at minute 2:30) on the episode of the Book Shambles podcast. Moore describes “My Fair Dahlia” – the story of the Black Dahlia murder told as a musical in verse in just six pages!

Moore also mentions Kevin O’Neill’s description of Cinema Purgatorio as not so much about horror films as about “the horror of film.”

We’ll pick up a copy of issue 6 this week, and get annotations up by this weekend. The Kevin O’Neill Marx Brothers cover is already annotated here.

Basic Purgatorio 5 Annotations Up

Basic annotations are published for all the stories in Cinema Purgatorio #5, which came out last Wednesday. Find all the annotations via the annotations index page.

Detail from Cinema Purgatorio #5 Code Pru P8,p1 - art by Raulo Caceres
Detail from Cinema Purgatorio #5 Code Pru P8,p1 – art by Raulo Caceres

As dyed-in-the-wool Alan Moore fans, I think that our Moore and O’Neill annotations are the most thorough. Others may be a bit spotty and await your insights via comments.

I am still looking for some partners to collaborate on these annotations. Especially wanted would be folks familiar with gaming (to round out Modded) and with the U.S. Civil War (to round out A More Perfect Union.) If you are interested, email me at linton.joe [at]