Basic Purgatorio 12 Annotations Up

Stuntman panel from Purgatorio 12 – art by Kevin O’Neill

We’ve posted our first take of annotations for all the stories in this week’s Cinema Purgatorio #11. Let us know what we missed or got wrong. Access all of the annotation via the handy annotations index page.


Basic Purgatorio 11 Annotations Up

Though we’re sure they’re incomplete,
We think they’re awfully neat.
We hope they’ll meet your expectations,
You’ll find our latest annotations
For your experience to leaven
reading Cinema Purgatorio 11.
If there’s something you disagree or don’t get
Remember we’re a blog from the internet.
For stuff that’s missing or makes no sense,
kindly let us know, below in the comments.


Basic Purgatorio 7 Annotations Up

Cinema Purgatorio 7 cover – by Kevin O’Neill

It took longer than usual, and we’re still sweeping some rows, but basic annotations are up for all the stories in Cinema Purgatorio #7. Kudos to star annotator Alexx Kay for scouring several westerns to find so many references in Moore and O’Neill’s After Tombstone.

We expect that film buffs, gamers, Civil War historians and others can keep adding details. Look them over and let us know what we missed. All the annotations are found via the Annotations Index page.

Basic Purgatorio 5 Annotations Up

Basic annotations are published for all the stories in Cinema Purgatorio #5, which came out last Wednesday. Find all the annotations via the annotations index page.

Detail from Cinema Purgatorio #5 Code Pru P8,p1 - art by Raulo Caceres
Detail from Cinema Purgatorio #5 Code Pru P8,p1 – art by Raulo Caceres

As dyed-in-the-wool Alan Moore fans, I think that our Moore and O’Neill annotations are the most thorough. Others may be a bit spotty and await your insights via comments.

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