Basic Purgatorio 5 Annotations Up

Basic annotations are published for all the stories in Cinema Purgatorio #5, which came out last Wednesday. Find all the annotations via the annotations index page.

Detail from Cinema Purgatorio #5 Code Pru P8,p1 - art by Raulo Caceres
Detail from Cinema Purgatorio #5 Code Pru P8,p1 – art by Raulo Caceres

As dyed-in-the-wool Alan Moore fans, I think that our Moore and O’Neill annotations are the most thorough. Others may be a bit spotty and await your insights via comments.

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Basic Purgatorio 1 Annotations Up

The Fatal Officers in "Hushed Up" title card art by Kevin O'Neill
The Fatal Officers in “Hushed Up” title card art by Kevin O’Neill

Cinema Purgatorio #1 is due in comic stores tomorrow – Wednesday May 4. Because we already received the electronic version via pledging Kickstarter, basic annotations for the Cinema Purgatorio #1 Kevin O’Neill and Alan Moore story “The Fatal Officers in ‘Hushed Up!’” are posted here. We’ve also annotations posted for the Raulo Caceres and Garth Ennis Code Pru “prulogue” issues here. We’re still finishing the other stories. Find all the Purgatorio #1 materials here, or get all the annotations via our big complicated overall annotations index page. We’ve set things up so that each story gets its very own page.

Updated: basic annotations up for all five stories in CP#1.

If we missed anything or got things wrong, let us know in the comments!

Early Purgatorio Review, Still Waiting

Same Purgatorio page - from Comics Heating Up
Same Purgatorio page – from Comics Heating Up

I am still waiting on my Kickstarter copy, so no annotations published here yet, other than Code Pru #1 and #2 – both preludes to Cinema Purgatorio episodes. But, for the time being, enjoy this early Purgatorio review over at Comics Heating Up.

(I ordered the Kickstarter level with the 11×17 lobby cards. Has anyone received those yet? Some day my prints will come.)

(Update 4/18: My Purgatorio has not arrived. Another review appeared at Comics Fondle.)