Promotional Preview of Moore and O’Neil LOEG: The Tempest

Detail of LOEG: Tempest page 3 artwork by Kevin O’Neill

It’s not Cinema Purgatorio, but it is new material from the same great creators. Kevin O’Neill and Alan Moore are collaborating on the final volume of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Tempest. The first issue, of six, is due out in June 2018 from IDW comics.

This week I (Joe) got my hands on a few copies of a special convention-exclusive LOEG: The Tempest preview ashcan.

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Basic Purgatorio 13 Annotations Up

Just who is Cinema Purgatorio’s mysterious protagonist? Panel from Cinema Purgatorio #13 – art by Kevin O’Neill

As always, we’ll continue to refine them, but we’ve got basic annotations up for all the stories in Cinema Purgatorio #13. The page for Moore and O’Neill’s Old Mother Riley yarn is pretty detailed; the others are sparser. Find all the annotations via the handy dandy Annotations Index page. Help us fill in the details by adding your comments.

Alexx Kay On Researching ‘After Tombstone’

Walter Brennan as Newman Clanton
Walter Brennan as Newman Clanton in My Darling Clementine

Over at LiveJournal annotator Alexx Kay rambles on the process of annotating the Moore/O’Neill tale “After Tombstone” in Cinema Purgatorio #7:

Alan Moore’s story in Cinema Purgatorio, “After Tombstone”, is pretty complex for the roughly 6 pages it takes to vivisect the gunfight at the OK Corral. I’m no expert on the subject, but I’m a lot closer now than I was a month ago, having spent a lot of time reading Wikipedia and watched the three main movies that Moore seems to be drawing on for this story … None of these four sources agree with each other about what was really going on. And then, the clearly unreliable narrator of Moore’s story has yet a fifth account.

It seems to me that what Moore is getting at here is not just the now-familiar concept that history is another kind of fiction. Rather, that fiction overwrites history, often repeatedly. History becomes palimpsest, a hologram of all the different versions refracting with each other at once. As Dave Sim once quoted Moore as saying, “All stories are true.”

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Upcoming: Purgatorio #6 This Week, My Fair Dahlia

Due out this week! Cinema Purgatorio #6, The Vast cover, art by Gabriel Andrade

Avatar Press announced that Cinema Purgatorio #6 will be out this Wednesday!

There is also a less date-certain preview announced by Alan Moore (starting at minute 2:30) on the episode of the Book Shambles podcast. Moore describes “My Fair Dahlia” – the story of the Black Dahlia murder told as a musical in verse in just six pages!

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Basic Purgatorio 1 Annotations Up

The Fatal Officers in "Hushed Up" title card art by Kevin O'Neill
The Fatal Officers in “Hushed Up” title card art by Kevin O’Neill

Cinema Purgatorio #1 is due in comic stores tomorrow – Wednesday May 4. Because we already received the electronic version via pledging Kickstarter, basic annotations for the Cinema Purgatorio #1 Kevin O’Neill and Alan Moore story “The Fatal Officers in ‘Hushed Up!’” are posted here. We’ve also annotations posted for the Raulo Caceres and Garth Ennis Code Pru “prulogue” issues here. We’re still finishing the other stories. Find all the Purgatorio #1 materials here, or get all the annotations via our big complicated overall annotations index page. We’ve set things up so that each story gets its very own page.

Updated: basic annotations up for all five stories in CP#1.

If we missed anything or got things wrong, let us know in the comments!

Cinema Purgatorio Spotted in the Wild

Kevin O'Neill signing copies of Cinema Purgatorio at London Super Comic Con. Photo via Bleeding Cool
Kevin O’Neill signing copies of Cinema Purgatorio at London Super Comic Con. Photo via Bleeding Cool

Cinema Purgatorio is out! Well, sort of. We haven’t seen one yet. A limited number of copies passed into the public’s hands at a special launch at London Super Comic Con this weekend. Artist Kevin O’Neill was on hand to sign copies.

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