Modded CP10

Cinema Purgatorio #10 Modded cover, art by Ignacio Calero
Cinema Purgatorio #10 Modded cover, art by Nahuel Lopez

Annotations for “Untitled (Random Doubles)” in Cinema Purgatorio #10

Writer: Kieron Gillen, Artist: Nahuel Lopez

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Note: Some of this is obvious, but you never know who’s reading and what their exposure is. If there’s anything we missed or got wrong, let us know in comments.

General: TBA


  • The cover depicts Tanky Andov (center) fighting Mister Boom (right), as Bloody Susan and Fringe watch.

Page 1

panel 1

  • Left to right are: gamer, Gory Balls, Tommy ZeroBloody Susan, Mister BoomTanky Andov, and Fringe.
  • “I hope you’ve brought some plates! You’re going to get –” refers to “You’ve been served!”, a traditional gaming taunt.

panels 2-3

  • “Back in the wilderness… Random doubles!” refers to CP#2 P5,p3 where Bloody Susan mentions “incoming… double randoms.”

Page 2 – no specific annotations.

Page 3

panels 4-5

  • This is another use of the “Italian headstomp” move, as seen in issue #6 P6,p3.

Page 4

panel 2

  • “Needs protein badly” references how, in the classic arcade videogame Gauntlet, when a character was short on health, the game would announce “[charactername] needs food, badly.” (Health bonuses were displayed as food objects, see below.)

panels 3-4

  • chicken in bin is “more common than you’d think” references how, in many videogames, destroying crates, barrels, or trashcans will sometimes reveal helpful items, including food. The tendency of game characters to blithely eat the contents of trashcans has often been mocked.

panel 5

  • As in many videogames, consuming food (that is, a health power-up) can restore a character to full health, regardless of how damaged they were a moment ago.

Page 5

panels 1-2

  • “Peak fluid” and “dew of the highest peaks” repeat the Mountain Dew joke from last issue, see notes to issue 9 P4,p2.

panel 3

  • Dialog choices in videogames frequently come as three choices, which obviously fall into the categories “super-nice”, “somewhat nice, but I want a reward”, and “asshole”.

panel 6

  • “In-turn” is apparently “intern.” It may refer to a game mechanic involving swapping in one character while “in” another character’s “turn”. More cynically, doing someone else’s work for them, just like an intern.

Page 6 – no specific annotations

Page 7

  • “Four old men” of the “Foresight Alliance” – suggest??

Page 8 – no specific annotations

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