The Vast CP06

Cinema Purgatorio #6, The Vast cover, art by Gabriel Andrade
Cinema Purgatorio #6, The Vast cover, art by Gabriel Andrade

Below are annotations for “Untitled (Now Wait One Goddamn Minute)” 6 pages in Cinema Purgatorio #6

Writer: Christos Gage, Artist: Gabriel Andrade

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Note: Some of this is obvious, but you never know who’s reading and what their exposure is. If there’s anything we missed or got wrong, let us know in comments.

General: TBA


  • coming soon

Page 1

panel 1

  • The human whose back toward us is Keith Dyson. He is atop a dragon-monster named Sebastian. Dyson is speaking to (unnamed) Russian military men.
  •  is , left to right, are Chu, , Stan Pons, and . The monsters left to right are Snuffy (mole),  (dragon), and Leo (tiger.)

panel 2

  • The man on the left if Stan Pons, behind him is the tiger-monster Leo.

panel 3

  • The woman is Janna Pleshette, aboard Leo.

Page 2

panels 4-5

  • The men are speaking Russian. (This continues the next two pages.)

Page 3 – no specific annotations

Page 4

panel 2

  • The man is Chu atop the mole-monster Snuffy.

Page 5-6  – no specific annotations

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3 thoughts on “The Vast CP06

  1. I thought this month’s story (#7) looked familiar! Reminds me of the stories about 2000AD. Apparently for Dan Dare and Rogue Trooper, they sometimes missed out entire episodes and nobody noticed! Then there was Firekind, by John “6th Form Poetry” Smith. That was so busy being pretentious nobody could really tell when they missed an episode out and put it on at the end.

    Actually there’s a bit in Hellblazer, by Garth Ennis, where the First Of The Fallen (AKA The Devil) reads some of Nigel Archer’s execrable poetry out to Constantine. It reads exactly like one of John Smith’s stories, like much of it directly lifted from his scripts. Knowing Garth, that must be a sarky little dig.


  2. Does anyone have any information on what Avatar might do with the error of reprinting this in 7? It’s a bit irritating that this happens so close to the price hop–and I still don’t know what the kickstarter actually allowed them to do, since the comic is seven bucks an issue.


    1. I’ll consider the possibilities I can think of…

      Number 1 is just delay it, so from now on every The Vast is episode (issue number -1). This would be least satisfactory, and pretty crap. OTOH The Vast is up to 6 episodes so far and not much has happened. It’s not that great a story, really, sorry to whoever writes it.

      The comic’s best for the title strip, Cinema Purgatorio. But Code Pru is pretty good, Ennis’s general writing standard is pretty high, most of his stuff is pretty good. And he *seems* to have gotten over his compulsion to insert lovable Oirish characters into bloody everything (or a sweary drunken Scot in a pinch. Oh except last episode, but never mind).

      I think that’s partly since there are more Americans claiming to be Irish than actual people who live in Ireland. And they love any old shit that appeals to their prejudiced, ignorant, stereotyped view of the oul’ sod. Ironically Garth wrote a story, Emerald Isle, for Judge Dredd, where they’d turned Ireland into a theme park of lovable Oirish caricatures. When actually that describes much of his writing, especially at the time of that particular story.

      But anyway, he seems not to do so much of it any more. Crossed has been pretty great, and far as I’ve read, Ireland seems to have been spared from rampaging maniacs. That, or the Crossed took over within the first weekend.

      The Ant War one, forget the full name, is very good too. I like that it’s historically accurate, that he goes to the lengths of doing proper research (like Alan Moore famously does). It doesn’t matter to me too much that most of it actually happened, but it does add something quite worthwhile. The part played by ants in the American Civil War is often underplayed by modern historians, sometimes to the extent of denying it completely.

      Anyway I forgot what I was supposed to be writing…..

      Option 2 for The Vast is to add it as extra pages next issue. Not likely. I would think the contract with the printer covers so many pages per issue, and adding more would be a bit of a big deal. Still, they could maybe add it in as an extra, maybe bagged in. An extra pullout or the like. Comics are printed 4 pages at a time, so maybe 8 pages, or 16?

      Option 3 is more likely, add the extra pages to the online version. Cost = nothing. And add them as a download for paper-based readers. Bit unsatisfactory for paper readers, but they could always add the missing episode to a paper issue once The Vast series is finished, for completeness.

      That’s all I can think of for now, any others? Still, a bit of a cockup this month. Have to wonder how something like that can happen, you’d think somebody between Gabriel Andrade and the bloke who works the printing press, somebody would’ve noticed. I know mistakes happen occasionally, but this is a smaller print run, you’d think perhaps it’d be closer scrutinised. I’m not really angry about it (I would be if it were the main strip), but a bit surprised.


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