Code Pru CP17

Cinema Purgatorio #17 Code Pru cover by Raulo Caceres

Annotations for “17: From Beyond” 8 pages in Cinema Purgatorio #17

Writer: Garth Ennis, Artist: Raulo Caceres

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Note: Some of this is obvious, but you never know who’s reading and what their exposure is. If there’s anything we missed or got wrong, let us know in comments.

General: Pru receives and reads the incident report from her parents death, recalling her interactions with paramedics from that day. Later


  • The cover is another great image that doesn’t actually appear in the story.

Page 1

panel 1

  • The dialogue is Pru recalling when she left her (adoptive) parents. Their names are Annabelle and Alabaster. Her parents are hardcore goth nonconformists – first shown in flashback in CP10 P3,p1. Pru had been sure they were dead (decapitated), but was told that they are
    “alive [and] in hell” by the demon Kazathoth in CP5.
  • Pru’s parent asking “what… have you done with your hair” references how Pru’s hair used to be spiked and dyed black (shown CP10 pages 5-6.) When leaving her parents (shown P2,p4 below) she un-dyed it, returning to her natural red hair.
  • Pru’s “bustier” was shown in CP10 pages 5-6.
  • Her dress with “flowers” is shown starting page 2 below.
  • Pru is reading the incident report on her parents death. She requested earlier, in issue 10.
  • From Beyond” is a story by H.P. Lovecraft. It is also a 1986 film based on the story. This issues does not seem to relate too much to that story – other than perhaps Pru’s parents (and the mummy?) being “from beyond”?

Page 2

panel 3

  • The text is from the incident report.

panel 4

  • “S. Spurrier” is apparently comics writer Si Spurrier (a friend and colleague of Ennis and Moore), though there’s no record of any sculpture by him. “Snikt” is the sound that the X-men’s Wolverine’s claws make when they are extended. Looking at Spurrier’s 2007 output, there is no clear reference, though he did write a Wolverine graphic novel in 2008. Presumably Pru’s parents had their necks impact the claws on a Wolverine statue.

Page 3

panel 2

  • “C. latrans” is the scientific name for coyote.
  • “C. aura” is not clear – could be jackal which is Canis Aureus.

panel 4

  • Any significance to the names David and Christa – suggest??

Page 4

panel 1

  • coming soon

Page 5

panel 1

  • coming soon

Page 6

panel 2

  • This explains why Pru became a paramedic.

panel 5

  • Dental records do not make sense if the heads were lost. Between this and the fact that page fifteen is missing, it would seem that this report has been forged in an attempt to seem innocuous.

Page 7

panel 1

  • The mummy appeared earlier in CP4, where he spent time with Officer Sal in the emergency room.
  • “Flame-haired” refers to Pru’s red hair.

panel 2

  • “Weren’t you in the…” would end with “emergency room” – in CP4.
  • Police officer “Salvatore [Sal] Montagnani” is Pru’s love interest. They met in CP2, and slept together in CP14.

Page 8

panel 5

  • As shown on page 8 of CP16, Squidpump is buying Pru sunflowers.

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