Modded CP02

Cinema Purgatorio #2 Modded cover. Art by Ignacio Calero
Cinema Purgatorio #2 Modded cover. Art by Ignacio Calero

Annotations for “Untitled (Time for a little fun)” 8 pages in Cinema Purgatorio #2

Writer: Kieron Gillen, Artist: Ignacio Calero

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Note: Some of this is obvious, but you never know who’s reading and what their exposure is. If there’s anything we missed or got wrong, let us know in comments.

General: TBA


  • Center, standing is Fringe. Laying down behind her are  Bloody Susan and Mister Boom.
  • The scene is more or less from the final page of this issue.

Page 1

panel 1

  • Center is Tommy Zero.

panel 2

  • “Faggy little thing” continues Tommy Zero’s crew’s homophobic language – see also Purgatorio #1 P5,p2. Thanks commenter Victor Rees.

panel 3

  • This is Fluffbumble, who belonged to Fringe.

panel 5

  • “Sucks-you-bust” is a play on “succubus” – basically a female demon who seduces men.
  • This panel sets up a page-turn reveal. Readers see the silouette and expect something more or less sexy, female and human-shaped. But then expectations are unmet.

Page 2

panel 3

  • The caption is the voice of Fringe.

Page 3

panel 1

  • Left to right are FringeMister Boom (lying down) and Bloody Susan.

panel 2

  • “Master Racer” refers to Master Race, the Nazi myth of German racial supremacy.

panel 4

  • Mod” is a video gaming term for later modifications made to change game play.
  • “Consolation camp” is a play on concentration camp.
  • “G1 invader” may have to do with Space Invaders (clarify?).

Page 4

panel 1

  • coming soon

Page 5

panel 1

  • “Habbada” sounds like “how about it?”

panel 2

  • “Lots you can learn with…” is gaming talk, the sort of thing an experienced player tells a newbie, offering her/him a simple character to learn the game’s basic rules.

panel 5

Page 6

panel 1

Page 7

panel 5

Page 8

panel 1

  • coming soon

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2 thoughts on “Modded CP02

  1. These are just a couple of notes I think are worth making regarding Modded. It’s interesting that one of Tommy Zero’s friends refers to the demon as “a faggy little thing”, when in the first issue Tommy himself reacts to Fringe talking to the demon as being “Gayyyyyyy” – there’s a clear level of homophobia expressed by these characters, along with a view of women as objects (seen with the grotesque “sucks-you-bust” in this issue, which debases the female form to a barely sentient sex object). This must be commentary on Gillen’s part about attitudes of certain real-life gamers, who are stereotypically seen as immature and sexist. It’s especially telling the Gillen chooses two women as his protagonists, to emphasize their distance from the very male-orientated world of gaming.

    On a separate note, it’s a shame this site isn’t gaining as much traction, though I guess we’re only 2 issues in and it probably doesn’t appeal to as many people as Moore’s Lovecraft work.


    1. Good points! I’ll add the first one to the annotations. (And on the second point – yes – we’re only two 8-page stories in – and I think that Purgatorio is slightly less referential than some other Moore work. Providence, LOEG, and Top Ten come to mind as some of the most heavily referential Moore works.)


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