Modded CP04

Cinema Purgatorio #4 Modded cover, art by Ignacio Caleres
Cinema Purgatorio #4 Modded cover, art by Ignacio Calero

Annotations for “Untitled (I Think Junior Wants the Phallus Minigun)” in Cinema Purgatorio #4

Writer: Kieron Gillen, Artist: Ignacio Calero

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Note: Some of this is obvious, but you never know who’s reading and what their exposure is. If there’s anything we missed or got wrong, let us know in comments.

General: TBA


  • coming soon

Page 1

panel 1

  • This is a Junior Ultramyocyte.

panel 2

  • Left to right are the Junior Ultramyocyte, Mister Boom, Bloody Susan and Fringe.

Page 2

Deleted caption for Modded CP #4 P2,p1
Deleted caption for Modded CP #4 P2,p1 – image via Gillen Tumblr

panel 1

  • Via his Tumblr, Gillen shared a deleted caption for this panel.
  • Ludocrats” is the name of a forthcoming Gillen comic to be published by Image. The title refers to “ludicrous aristocracy against the insipid forces of normalisation.” It will feature a “Prussian Steam Judge with an enormous mechanical pelvis.”

Pages 3-4 – no specific annotations

Page 5

panel 1

  • First appearance of Scout.

Page 6

panel 1

  • Left to right are Mere and Gnoll (first appearances) and Scout. Apparently, according to Gillen’s Tumblr, these are “cameos from analogues of games writers.”

panel 4

  • To the left of Bloody Susan is a coin-operated video game.
  • On the right is Star Wars droid R2-D2. The whole shop is reminiscent of the droid chop-shops in Star Wars.
  • Also on the right is a wooden Indian statue.

Page 7

panel 1

panel 2

panel 3

panel 4

panel 5

panel 6

panel 7

  • Anyone know Preacher by Garth Ennis? Suggest??

panel 8

  • This is the phallus minigun again from P1,p1 above.

panel 9

Page 8

panel 2

  • Mere is wearing a shirt that says “\m” – is this some kind of videogame mod coding? Suggest??

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One thought on “Modded CP04

  1. I’ve only started reading Preacher in the last few months with the show starting, but, looking back at the panel that references it, I wonder if that modification is a reference to Arseface who has, as you might expect, a serious facial disfigurement. I really liked this jokey allusion which recalls a Grant Morrison joke from Multiversity (which can be viewed here, for anyone who hasn’t read it but doesn’t mind the spoiler,

    At the very least, I think the annotation could note the metafictional humor of referencing a popular comic book among readers today, especially considering how different the future world of Modded seems to be from ours.


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