Cinema Purgatorio 18 Index

Cinema Purgatorio #18 regular cover, art by Kevin O’Neill

Cinema Purgatorio #18, 48 pages, cover date April 2019, released 15 May, 2019.

Click on individual story for annotations

This is the final issue (for now at least.) Due to both The Vast and A More Perfect Union stories being shorter than 8 pages, the issue also features three endpages with photos by Mitch Jenkins from the theater photo-shoot that included the initial Purgatorio Kickstarter video. On the back cover, where there has typically been an ad for the next issue, is instead a Mitch Jenkins photo of Alan Moore. Other than the last page photo of curtains, the rest of these photos were already featured in the bonus pages included in the Kickstarter edition of CP1.

One of the featured Mitch Jenkins Cinema Purgatorio photos. This appears in black and white in CP18. Image via Mitch Jenkins website

One thought on “Cinema Purgatorio 18 Index

  1. So what does it all mean? Is there a corresponding child murderer film star? Other issues all seem to have a Real world to Reel world connection. Is there some connection or significance with the usage of Janet Leigh other than the clear Psycho shower scene connection? Leigh has a very famous daughter (Jamie Lee Curtis), who was not murdered, but has made a career out of almost being killed on screen.


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