Cinema Purgatorio Collections Coming Soon

Cinema Purgatorio collection cover (same as issue 1 cover) – via Amazon

The eighteenth and, at least for now, final issue of Cinema Purgatorio came out last May. The logical next step should be a collected edition.

For whatever reason there’s no collection available as of mid-November 2019. There are a couple of collections in the works, though.

In early October, a listing for a $19.99 Cinema Purgatorio Collection Paperback (due out April 28, 2020) appeared at Amazon. Soon thereafter Bleeding Cool ran a brief story about it, with essentially no additional information. Based on the cover art shown at Amazon, the collection appears to include just the Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s Purgatorio stories.

This month, Previews World website announced a $39.99 Cinema Purgatorio Complete Story Box Set due in comics shops next week: November 27, 2019. There’s currently no image there.

The Previews World listing states:

Get the complete story for a song! This set has all EIGHTEEN issues of the epic Cinema Purgatorio series included. Over 800 pages of amazing work by masters of the craft! Limited to exactly as many sets as we can scrape together, but don’t miss out as when they are gone, that’s it! Note this will have RANDOM covers on each of the eighteen issues, but will have one cover from each issue. #1-18. With a new series on the horizon, time to serve up these amazing limited editions, for the first time, in all their gory glory!

What is perhaps most interesting here is “With a new series on the horizon.” It is not entirely clear what this means, though Moore fans are speculating that it is the unnamed Lovecraft project (mentioned earlier) to be published by Avatar Press. The new Moore Lovecraft series may have been drawn by Moore’s Crossed+100 collaborator Gabriel Andrade, though this has not been confirmed.

Neither of these Purgatorio collections are currently listed at the Avatar Press in-house online store Comics Cavalcade. There is no new cover art to share at this time.

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