Basic Purgatorio 17 Annotations Posted

Howard Hughes on the cover of Cinema Purgatorio 17 – art by Kevin O’Neill

We’ve got basic annotations posted for all the stories in Cinema Purgatorio #17 – the second to last issue of the series. Find the entire series’ annotations via our handy annotations index page.

Read through and then use the comments section to let us know what we missed.

Moore and O’Neill take on Howard Hughes. Ennis and Caceres take on H.P. Lovecraft. Gillen and Lopez take on Rainbow Islands. Brooks and Andrade take on rafts of giant ants. Gage and Adrade destroy a soviet Kaiju base. All in issue #17!

Read some coverage of the issue at Bleeding Cool.

One oddball note, though the paper comic appeared in shops a couple of weeks ago, for reasons not known to us the digital version does not appear to have been released yet. Any readers out there find any digital availability? How has this affected your reading (or lack thereof) experience?

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