Alan Moore Praises Cinema Purgatorio 3

Alan Moore, from an interview at the The Odditorium Tent at the Brighton Festival earlier this year (starting at about 21:30):

I’ll be finishing off Cinema Purgatorio, incidentally which is great – the fun that Kevin and I are having with that. We don’t really settle in until issue three. The first two are OK, but the third one that’s really really good. They kind of get better.

And, from another recent interview, here are some excerpts from Alan Moore’s praise for fellow Purgatorio stablemate Kieron Gillen:

Speaking purely for myself, while I’ve greatly enjoyed Kieron’s company on those too-few occasions when we’ve been able to meet up (he’s one of the only people I’ve ever met whose conversation contains – and needs – its own footnotes), and while I have an obvious fondness for a working class chancer who’s probably much too clever for his own good, regarding his work I think the most distinctive things about it are its relentless progressive momentum and the sense of effervescent colour – probably hot pink – that Kieron brings from his gaming and his music journalism background.


Kieron has such a reticent, retiring and self-effacing personality that I’m sure he’ll be getting uncomfortable about all this well-deserved praise. Seriously, if you tell him you like his shoes he’ll more than likely blush, giggle, and run away to hide in the washroom until everybody’s gone. I just wish he could be more confident and outgoing.

Read the rest of Moore’s generous praise for Gillen here.


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